Special Needs Planning Attorney

Kansas Special Needs Planning Attorney

Raising a child with Down’s syndrome, severe cerebral palsy, or other mental disability can be very challenging. However, when your child reaches adulthood, there are new challenges and frustrations that must be considered. We empathize with you and want to help you create solutions which address your child’s specific special needs.

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Planning for Disabled Children and Adults with Special Needs

Attorney Stacey Janssen offers informative, supportive, and effective special needs planning advice and counsel. We are able to help you evaluate special considerations, such as:

  • Reaching adulthood: Once a child turns 18, the parents’ control over, and responsibility for, the child legally ends. In order for the parents to continue in their roles as parents, it may be necessary to create powers of attorney, guardianships, and conservatorships.
  • Special needs estate planning: Disabled adults should consult with a lawyer in order to evaluate their eligibility for governmental benefits, such as Medicaid or Supplemental Security Disability (SSD) and SSI. However, many programs are needs based. If not properly conveyed, inheritances may affect eligibility for these programs. We help families with estate planning that effectively plans for these needs and does not disturb benefit eligibility. One option is creating a special needs trust.

While most parents are no longer legally responsible for their children once they reach adulthood, a disabled child will require special care and attention his or her entire life. It is important for parents to consider these needs proactively and understand that there are laws available to help and support these needs.

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