Probate & Estate Administration

Kansas Probate and Estate Administration Lawyer

Without an experienced attorney by your side, the probate and estate administration process can be confusing, lengthy, and expensive. Stacey L. Janssen helps family members and personal representatives through the probate process as efficiently and inexpensively as possible.

Contact Stacey to arrange a consultation to discuss your concerns with an experienced probate and estate administration lawyer.

Minimizing the Stress and Expense of Probate Administration

While many families take advantage of effective estate planning to avoid the expense, time, and frustration or probate, it is not always possible to avoid probate. Our estate administration law firm offers experience, compassion, and skill to help you through the probate process quickly and in a cost-effective manner. We are able to resolve matters such as:

  • Will contests: We pursue and defend against claims of undue influence, revoked wills, and other disputes that arise regarding the validity of a will.
  • Spousal share/child’s share: Spouses, and many times children, are entitled to a specific share of the estate regardless of what the will, trust, or other estate plan conveys. If you have been disinherited, or have not been left your fair share, we can help you claim your entitled share of the estate.
  • Probate litigation: We analyze creditor claims against the estate and challenge any lawsuits filed against the estate. We work to resolve these matters while working to maximize the assets that remain in the estate for distribution.
  • Estate administration: We guide you through the estate administration process from start to finish, completing notifications as required, paying outstanding bills, resolving estate disputes, filing estate taxes, distributing assets to loved ones, and closing the estate.

We have the skill and proficiency to help you through the probate and estate administration process. We focus on preserving the estate so that assets and legacies can be passed on to future generations. Contact Stacey for experienced guidance about probate issues.