Preparing for Incapacity

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Maximizing Your Choices for Advanced Directives

Learning that you have Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, or simply are growing older can alert you to the fact that one day you may be incapable of caring for yourself or managing important decisions. Planning for potential incapacity now ensures that your future healthcare, financial, and daily concerns will be handled as you would like them to be.

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Planning that Minimizes Expense and Complication

Without proper planning, incapacity can be very distressing for the entire family. If proper documents have not been created, there is no legal authority for a loved one to make doctor appointments, medical decisions, or pay bills on your behalf.

In these time-sensitive circumstances, the family would need to proceed through the costly and time-consuming process of obtaining a guardianship and conservatorship. We offer caring solutions that minimize the expense and frustration by planning for incapacity, such as:

  • Creating advanced directives: We offer insight to help individuals contemplate and determine how they would like certain affairs to be handled should they be incapable of managing decisions. We assist clients in creating financial powers of attorneys, durable powers of attorneys, healthcare powers of attorneys, and living wills to convey your wishes.
  • Evaluating estate planning: We help you consider estate planning goals and revisit current estate plans to ensure that your wills and trusts accurately reflect your wishes and protect your spouse, children, and other loved ones.
  • Medicare/Medicaid planning: We recognize that a nursing home, assisted living, or other long term care services may be necessary in the future. We evaluate your current financial circumstances and determine what planning is necessary to create eligibility for Medicare or Medicaid in order to preserve asset depletion.
  • Other incapacity planning: We help you consider changes or adjustments that may be necessary in your home in order to accommodate your future needs and address any other concerns you may have about incapacity.

Proactive, Compassionate, and Thoughtful Planning

In spite of potential incapacity, you still have choices and control. By evaluating these decisions now, you will maximize your options for making decisions. However, it is never too late to start planning. We work with families to carefully evaluate their needs, concerns, and goals. We help implement plans that will address those issues and give you confidence in the future.

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